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TMJ and tinnitus therapy

Temporomandibular joint treatment and problems linked to the inner ear


TMJ therapy - Physiotherapy practice - Geneva

TMJ therapy - Physiotherapy practice - Geneva

The goal of maxillofacial (or TMJ) therapy is to:

  • restore joint movement
  • recover muscular function in order to retrieve normal chewing, swallowing and phonation

It targets the relief of:

  • painful manifestations: earache, headaches in the temples, jaw ache
  • manifestations in the joints: cracks when opening of the mouth, painful restriction when opening, trouble chewing, mouth stuck shut or mouth stuck wide open
  • other manifestations: tinnitus, neck pain

Before treatment

A physical examination will be carried out in order to identify and evaluate the functional deficiencies of the patient, and an evaluation will be drawn up in order to direct and validate the therapy and the care.

This physical examination will consist of various series of evaluations :

  • examination of joint mobility
  • palpatory examination and identifying the painful areas
  • muscular evaluation
  • neck function evaluation


Treatment of whistling and ringing in the ears:

  • somatosensory tinnitus
  • tinnitus caused by dental non occlusion
  • pulsatile tinnitus 

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