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Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy : HIJAMA-trained by M. Daniel Henri, president of the International Cupping Therapy Association

Cupping has been one of the most important treatments in the history of medicine since the earliest antiquity - Greek, Arab, Chinese and on every continent.

The goal sought after :

  • expel pathogenic factors
  • re-establish good circulation of qi in the body's meridians
  • loosen muscular tension
  • rheumatology (gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis, lumbago, shoulder pain, tennis elbow; calcaneal spur)
  • migraine, headache
  • trigeminal neuralgia, Arnold Chiari malformation
  • sports conditions
  • digestive conditions: colopathy, gastralgia, constipation
  • gynaecology: dysmenorrhea, menopause
  • psychological: depression, jet lag, and seasonal affective disorder

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