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Comprehensive care from your physiotherapist in Geneva

An answer to joint, back, orthopaedic pain...

Physiotherapy treats the organs, muscles or tissue. It uses massage and medical gymnastic movements. The treatment is carried out by the therapist or makes use of special apparatus in response to rheumatological, traumatological or orthopaedic problems...

In my physiotherapy practice in Geneva, I practise under medical prescription and also for aesthetic or sporting purposes. I use a range of therapies suited to the type of condition or the particular need.

My specialisms

Sports physiotherapy

  • Care of lesions after a sporting activity or exercise
  • Prevention of lesions before the sporting activity

Orthopaedic post-surgical  physiotherapy

Manual therapy

  • The Maitland concept

Sohier technique

  • Manual treatment of muscular pain

Respiratory physiotherapy

  • For children and adults, at the practice or at home. Consists of encouraging the shifting and expelling of secretions present in the respiratory tracts
  • Physiotherapy can equally be accompanied by respiratory exercises for certain conditions such as asthma or similar

Trigger points

  • Manual techniques for muscular relaxation

Tenofibrolysis by "hooks"

  • Technique which consists of freeing the adhesions between the soft tissues such as the tendon and ligament (adhesions responsible for inflammation and tendinitis)

McKenzie technique

  • Pain in the back and spinal column

Lymphatic d rainage

Relaxing massage

Treatment of scars

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